Monday, March 8, 2010

Essays on Clans and Game Play

--What makes a great clan?
--What can you expect from your Soldiers? what should they expect from their leaders?
--Why do (or DON'T) people in your clan do what you want?
--How does minimum qualifications affect recruiting in a clan?
--Earning Respect vs. Demanding Obedience -- who's clan is it, anyway?
--What went wrong, and why does it feel SO right?

Soldiers of Peace as a clan has been an incredible experience for me personally.
Anyone can start a clan, but there's a lot of "moving parts" set into motion with that decision.
I'll be sharing my own thoughts and philosophies on how clans work, and how they don't.

--Farming or Fighting?
--When is more better, and how much is too much-- clan war philosophies
--Winning vs. Losing
--Timing is everything
--What is "the curve", and how are YOU going to get ahead of it?

Many clans have a philosophy on what makes you "strong" or what's "the best way" to build your account.. sadly, the "popular opinion" is not necessarily in YOUR best interest. More to come.

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